A Little Background

Dale Stuart with Installed O-I Images

My background in technology, athletics and visual arts fold synergistically into my pursuit now as a photographic fine artist. I earned my first Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from M.I.T. and worked on NASA spacecraft projects. I also studied photography while at M.I.T., and initially worked with large-format film cameras and relished the detail and sharpness they provided. Along with traditional black and white darkroom processes, I scanned my images and played with them with the early digital tools. My comfort with technology enabled me to make full use of the digital medium to satisfy my drive for visual self-expression. Photography remained a hobby until very recently, and I have now plunged whole-heartedly into fine art photography as a serious pursuit. The modern high quality digital cameras and powerful software tools free me to follow my obsession to explore and seek out the compositions that delight and inspire me.

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